Back in Action

It’s almost summertime again! Time to get up and travel and enjoy your idle time while you do it all with games that will have you entertained for hours on end. Perhaps you have some old games you would like to replace with something a little more upgraded, humoristic, inventive, or challenging. Then don’t worry, dear hardcore players of all sorts, because here are some quality games with one for everyone in the family to enjoy, including three of the top-rated online casino competitors worldwide. You can blend playing online casino on mobile devices when you traveling into your normal gaming routine.

The Battle Cats (iOS & Android)

With an appearance that will remind you of Japanese animation, these cats evolve into rampant, strategizing mutant soldiers with the intent of world-domination. The main objective is to raise litters of mutant cat armies to destroy most all other species on earth. Very hilarious and a game of some coordination, this is a game of uncovering funny, long-legged evolutions with small bodies.

Animal Escape (Android)

This is a game of stunning, bright colors. Pick a desperate, panicky farm animal and arrange a jailbreak, but be careful. The enraged farmer will chase you everywhere in and out. You will be laughing at every expression and movement while you dodge obstacles and traps set by the farmer. Make the chicken fly or make a mad dash with your rampant cow to the gate. When you beat the game, you will see your animal dance its comic victory dance to a beat.

Tofu Hunter (iOS & Android)

This game seems to be a crack at vegetarianism by hunting real-world animals made out of tofu. However hilarious it might seem, this is a true hunting game which shares the same shooting-skill league as many serious hunting games. Push through the leafy brush with your trigger finger ready to unlock newly advanced weapons from sniper rifles to automatic weaponry to heavy explosive devices to blow those soy, awkward-looking creatures to cooked bits.

The Room & The Room 2 (iOS & Android)
Now, these are games to exercise the mind through mystery-adventure, two must-sees if you like a bit of challenge. These sibling games present a series of uniquely designed puzzle boxes with very life-like physical mechanisms you must contemplate. Through each one, the complexity grows. Truly tactical, methodical experiences that will continue racking your mind hours after you play.

Online Casinos

Playing online casino on mobile devices when you are traveling has many benefits. It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid gambler, a curious beginner, or if you just want a new rush of excitement. One of these major online casinos is sure to become your lucky charm in no time. As the ancient adage goes, out with the old and in with the new. Indeed, you might want to make time right this second to switch one of those worn, old games with one of this more prestigious selection. It’s time to adopt another lucrative avenue, get some money in your pockets, and live a little traveling with Unibet, William Hill, or Paddy Power Casinos, three of the world’s top competitors in online casinos offering an array of ways to gamble, live dealer games, sports betting, and more.