Everyone knows you can’t just whip out a cigarette in public places and start puffing away; it’s mostly against the law, never mind causing public annoyances. And while it’s not illegal to vape in a lot of public areas, doing so may also raise a lot of eyebrows. This is particularly the case with traveling.

This summer, tens of millions of people are taking to the skies on all kinds of wonderful vacations, and some of them undoubtedly are aficionados of the increasingly popular e-cigarette. Those keen to keep using their vape kits on their travels may wonder what the rules are with vaping devices and traveling, so here’s a brief guide to put you in the picture.

Hitting the Road

Preparing for a big getaway involves a lot of preparation, and if you’re packing your bags to fly away and planning to take your vaping devices with you, you’ll need to keep them out the luggage you’re going to have checked. E-cigarettes and other vaping devices, after all, are powered by a battery, and the airlines don’t want any such equipment in the hold of a plane.

That’s not to say you can’t bring your your vape kit with you. Under Transport Security Administration rules, you are permitted to bring your e-cigarettes on board the aircraft, either on your person (in your pockets) or in your carry-on bags. That way, you can keep an eye on them, so they don’t cause any problems. Just don’t start vaping once you’re settled in your seat — that is definitely not allowed.

At the Airport

Can you start vaping once you arrive at your departure airport or touch down at your destination? It depends. Some airports do not permit vaping inside the terminal building, just as they don’t generally permit smoking there either — unless there’s a special room or area designated for the purpose.

Others, such as Heathrow Airport in London, have their own vaping lounge. But in general, you can expect to stand outside with the smokers and vape away — even if there is growing awareness among the public that e-cigarettes do not give off any of the many harmful chemicals found in burning cigarettes. It is, after all, mostly water vapor that’s emitted from vaping equipment. 

Staying Safe

Water plays a big part in people’s outdoor activities, especially during the long and hot summer months. But moisture and a vape kit certainly do not go together. Always keep in mind that your vape kit is electronic and any contact with moisture might stop it working, ruining your vacation in the process. So if you’re going to be by the sea or a pool, or in areas of high humidity, it’s a good idea to bring along a sealed plastic bag and keep your vape kit in it.

Even something as seemingly innocuous as running the shower in a small hotel or motel room might be enough to shroud the room — and your vape kit — in high levels of moisture, so keep it protected when you’re not using it.

Power to You

Also bear in mind that while your vape kit is powered by a battery, its life is not infinite and it could run out at any time, just when you most are in need of a vape. Take some extra batteries on the road with you, so you’re never caught out and your vaping experience is not disrupted. This is especially true for people who have quit smoking and are vaping instead; you don’t want a dead vape kit to send you back to that unhealthy habit.

Especially as many parts of the United States are hit by fierce electrical storms during the summer that often cause lengthy power outages, you may be unable to charge your vape kit when you want. Having back-up and fully charged vaping equipment with you is always a good plan.

A little preparation is the key to any successful trip. Now, with some e-cigarette planning, you and your vape kit are all set for stress-free trip away.