If you live in a big city and have a car, you’re probably all too aware of some of the common issues car owners have to deal with. Whether it’s expensive parking, small parking spots, lots of stop and go traffic, higher risks of door and bumper dings, and even security risks like theft and break-ins being more likely, driving a car in the city can be a hassle.

Don’t daydream about public transportation. Instead, keep your four wheels of freedom and look into getting behind the wheel of one of these cars that are the best for city drivers. Every car in this list has great fuel economy, is a convenient size for maneuvering narrow city streets and small parking spaces, has high visibility so you won’t miss any action around you, and great safety and security features available.

Honda Fit

This small but surprisingly roomy car has excellent sight lines, as well as LaneWatch side-view and rear cameras. This means you’ll never miss that bicyclist or pedestrian in the lane next to you, or pull out in front of that cab by accident. Speaking of bikes, the taller hatchback area opens up to give you plenty of space for fitting a bicycle or hauling groceries. You can even fit 5 passengers with you, and comfortably. Average city mileage on the Fit clocks in at about 29 to 33, even with all that stop and go and red lights. This ultra-affordable car is perfect for zipping around on the concrete safely and comfortably.

Toyota Prius

One of the biggest causes of city smog is exhaust from automobiles. Help do your part to keep your city clean by driving a hybrid. The Toyota Prius is a top-selling hybrid because of its reliability, spacious interior, and of course excellent gas mileage. If you’re looking for a more compact version of the Prius to squeeze into those parallel parking spots with ease, check out the Prius c that’s almost 20 inches shorter in length.

Chevy Sonic 1.8

With just under 30 mpg, a surprisingly fast turbo 4-cylinder engine available, and available forward-collision and lane-departure warning systems, this basic car is a leader in its class. You can find a basic model for under $15,000, and you’ll have options for a sedan with a trunk, or a hatchback model with much more room in the back. Comfortable seating rounds out this excellent city commuter car.

Scion iQ

Never worry about tight parking spots again when you get behind the wheel of one of these little rides. Measuring in at 2 feet shorter than the mini Mini Cooper, this 2-person car is perfect for running city errands or getting from one district to another regularly, safely and cheaply. If you’re usually driving alone, staying mostly within city limits, and don’t need anything with a ton of power or speed, the iQ is the smart choice.


This luxury subcompact SUV has all the outstanding acceleration, handling and comfort of a BMW, with a smaller size that’s perfect for maneuvering around in an urban environment. A small turning radius makes this an excellent SUV for city driving. Your passengers will stay safe and comfortable, while the smaller size of this SUV makes it better on gas than others. Add in all the cargo space you’ll get, and it’s no surprise this vehicle makes the list.

Ford Fiesta ST

This little hatchback has more power than you’d expect. In fact, the power to weight ratio is the same as you’ll find in a first-generation BMW M3. A hatchback and movable seats make it easy to transport stuff around town. A low entry cost and a high average MPG make this a great choice for the budget-conscious consumer who still wants a trendy little car to hit the concrete in.