When it comes to planning a successful spring break road trip, the most important part is deciding what car to take. You’re going to want something that looks hot, gets excellent gas mileage, has so much room to store your stuff and keep all your friends comfortable, and lots of other little factors like ventilation, off-roading capabilities, and maybe even a waterproof interior unless you want to take half of the beach back home with you.

Here are 5 super stylish and practical options that you’ll love to hit the road in this spring, no matter where you’re going:

  1. Toyota RAV4

This crossover SUV comes in a hybrid option that will let you spend your fuel budget on something other than gas. The roomy and comfortable interior is fitted with all the luxury touches you and your friends will want, from plenty of phone charging capabilities, a stunning sound system, and safety features like a backup camera. A hatchback opens to so much cargo space where you can stash all your stuff, including extra friends! All wheel drive will let you get to those extra high places to watch the sunset over the beach, or explore some unexplored terrain on your trip. The Toyota RAV4 is pretty unbeatable when it comes to spring breaking.

  1. Subaru Forester

You really can’t go wrong with a road trip in a Subaru. The AWD will let you drive wherever you want to go without worries. A hatchback is perfect for loading and unloading everything from kayaks, surfboards, and even your dog. Subaru’s have such style combined with reliable ruggedness, excellent gas mileage, and lots of cargo space. If the Subaru Forester isn’t for you, we suggest any of the Subaru’s as they’re all good with providing suitable road trip space, and have AWD for exploring.

  1. Honda CRV

An SUV is always perfect for a spring break road trip. They’re like traveling in a little room with all of your best friends. Plenty of legroom means your friends can spread out and relax and really enjoy this enjoyable ride. The CRV is an above-standard blend of highway-ready and trail-ready with 4WD, luxury interior features and practical, rugged style. After your road trip is over, you won’t want to get rid of the CRV.

  1. Ford F150

Need to tow anything to the beach this spring break? If you do, the F150 is the perfect option for you. This small but powerful pickup truck is excellent for casual towing. Take your boat, or your bikes, or anything else you want to play with. The F150 gets great gas mileage both around town and when towing, which makes it the ideal small truck. Even though it’s considered a small truck, the cab is so roomy with lots of head and leg room. Take the 4WD and go for a mini off-road adventure, or set up a swimming pool in the bed of this truck for the ultimate spring break experience. Really, you can’t go wrong with a pickup truck, especially if it’s just you and one or two others embarking on this spring break adventure.

  1. Nissan Pathfinder

For a rugged and roomy SUV, the Pathfinder has been a favorite for years and years. High ceilings and a wide body make this a really roomy option. A built-in roof rack will make it so convenient for you to bring along your stuff, and keep more stuff out of the way of your passengers. Large windows and a big sunroof make this vehicle so full of fresh air and sunshine, while additional back row seating is perfect for seating your new spring break friends, or stashing some extra stuff you want to bring along.